Teaching at our Nursery School

With class sizes maintained at less than 15 pupils we can guarantee your child highly responsive teaching in a nurturing environment that’s a comfortable next step from home. The children at Chingford House Nursery School grow and expand their skills and knowledge with confidence.

We teach children from babies through to pre-school, exposing them to a broad range of subjects and inspiring them with different experiences and materials. As well as addressing the fundamentals of reading, writing and mathematics we encourage personal interests too.  We organise numerous school trips, make use of Chingford's history and open spaces, and teach additional subjects too. Our music lessons encourage a love of the arts. Our games sessions not only help our children strengthen their physical abilities but also encourage them to work together as a team. Our older children go on Forest trips every fortnight to explore the outdoors. Whether it is additional subjects or school trips, these extra-curricular activities help spark imagination, grow confidence and contribute to the health and well-being of our children.