Our team of Nursery staff

We employ highly committed and dedicated nursery staff, many of whom hold the appropriate Level 3 and Level 2 nursery qualifications. The owner, Ms Zarkar Akhtar, is NNEB (specialist early years) qualified and she has over 20 years' early years and primary school experience

Each member of staff regularly participates in training to keep them informed about changes in the education and care sector and to develop their teaching skills. Our team leaders are trained in first aid.

We operate a Key Person system whereby each member of staff has a group of children they are particularly responsible for. They build a close relationship with each child to support their individual needs.

This includes learning and development needs but also personal and social requirements. A Key Person’s care covers everything from potty training and dressing to eating and relationships with other children.

As soon as your child joins the nursery they will be given a key person and this member of staff will help your child settle in, providing extra attention so they feel at home. As your child gets more settled and grows older, the need for a key person lessens. But it’s still nice to know there is someone whom parents and children can turn to on all needs and aspects of nursery life.