Toilet training procedure

• We always work with the parents/carers and decide together when we think the child is ready.

• We encourage parents/carers to begin in their own homes first.

• Some parents/carers like to bring their own potty

• We always ask for many changes of clothing since “accidents” may be numerous!

• We take the children to the toilet regularly

• When the children have gained confidence we encourage them to use the toilet

• When we feel the children are sufficiently confident we encourage them to ask their teachers independently.

• We return any soiled or wet clothing to parents/carers in a plastic bag.

• We make sure children wash and dry hands.

• We encourage the child to wipe themselves.

• We make sure the child flushes the toilet.

• We encourage the child to pull their own clothing down to sit on toilet or potty.

• We change children’s clothes in the presence of 2 members of staff but also maintaining their privacy.

Policy reviewed: April 9th 2018