Settling-in procedure

At Chingford House School we believe that the early years is an adventurous time. We want the children to be excited about learning and discovering new things as well as forming positive relationships. However, before they get to that stage, we need to support the children’s emotional well-being right from the beginning so that the children are happy to be with us.

Each child is unique, so we cannot pre-determine how the children will cope with the separation from their parents; however, we have created a settling in process which gives us a foundation to support the children; we can then tailor our support according to the children’s needs.

The settling in period runs over five days – this gradual process helps the child to understand that they will be spending time away from their parents.

Day 1: Parent & child stays for 30mins (10-10.30)
Day 2: Parent leaves their child for 1hr (10-11)
Day 3: Parent leaves their child for 2hrs (9-11)
Day 4: Parent leaves their child for 4hrs (9-1)
Day 5: Parent leaves their child for 5.5hrs (9-2.30)

Where some nurseries charge for the whole settling in process, we just charge one day’s fees (£60) for the full week, so that we can employ another member of staff; this will enable your Key Person to spend 1-1 time with your child.

The settling in process begins the week before your child’s official start date to enable a smoother transition. We believe that your child will then be ready for a full day with us.


Your Key Person will spend 1-1 time with your child – the purpose of this is to establish a close relationship which will help the children to separate from the parents; as well as this, the attachment will allow your child to develop a secure base with their Key Person in which they will have the confidence to form other relationships and to enjoy learning.
Your Key Person will get to know your child’s likes, dislikes and their interests as well as their developmental needs; this information is then used to inform the planning and how we support your child’s learning.


We recognise that leaving your child for the first time may be worrying; please note that we are also here to support the families too; so feel free to speak with us. We understand that parents have work commitments so we ask that the parents bring and stay with their child for the first visit but after that, if you need other family members or friends to support the settling-in process, that is fine.

Please spend a few days before starting at Chingford House School talking to your child about what will be happening when they start nursery (if age appropriate). This will help your child knowing that you are okay about nursery life too!
When the time comes to physically leave your child, they may become distressed. This is perfectly natural; once you say goodbye – we will ask you to go. Please do not try to come back or prolong the separation as that makes it harder for all involved!

During the initial separation we will send you photos of your child by text/WhatsApp message so that you can see that they are beginning to settle with us. Parents can also call the nursery to reassure themselves that their child is fine.
The children, particularly, the younger ones, may start to cry as soon as they see you return; this does not mean that they have been crying the whole time that they have been away from you, it just means that they can now release their feelings!

Your Key Person and the other staff in the room will ensure that your child has a happy and fun experience with us.

Over the next 6-8 weeks, your key Person will monitor the progress that your child has made and then will meet with you for a review meeting.

Thank you for choosing Chingford House School for your child’s Early Years’ experience.

If you have any concerns or queries, please speak with your Key Person or Yolande (Manager)