Non-payment of fees policy

Statement of Intent

It is the policy of Chingford House School that all fees should be paid monthly and received in the school’s bank account by the seventh of the month. If a parent/carer has any problems with payment of the fees, we will discuss a reasonable payment plan with them. In the event that a reasonable payment plan cannot be agreed upon, or it is not adhered to, Chingford House School will pursue all unpaid fees - through the courts if necessary - for the recovery of monies owed.


We aim to ensure the financial stability and viability of Chingford House School through a consistent process for pursuing unpaid fees.


*Parents/Carers will be informed of the fees and payment structure of Chingford House School
*Payments must be made through Standing Orders set up with the bank
*Invoices will be issued to parents before they fall due
*Invoices are to be paid within the first seven days of each month

If a parent/carer has used the services provided by Chingford House School without payment up to and including the seventh of the month, or their payment has been dishonoured, then the procedures set out below will be followed:

1. An “Overdue Account “ letter will be issued by email to the parent/carer requesting that payment be made on that day. If payment is received or a payment plan has been agreed upon within seven days, no further action shall be taken.
2. If, however, no payment has been received or arrangement made for a payment plan within those seven days, then the child/ren concerned will be unable to continue to attend Chingford House School until payment is received and cleared in full.
3. If payment is still not received Chingford House School will begin court proceedings.

Policy adopted on June 23rd 2018

Zarkar Akhtar, Owner