Medication and Sun protection policy


At Chingford House School no medication will be given to a child unless a medication permission form has been completed by the parent/carer. This form will require the following details:
- Full name of child
- Date
- Name of medication
- Exact dosage to be administered
- Time-frame to administer the medication
- Time and dosage of the medication given on that day
- Full name and signature of the parent/carer

Please note that, except for over-the-counter cough medicine and analgesics such as Nurofen and Calpol, we will only administer medication prescribed by your doctor, dentist, nurse or pharmacist. Medicine (both prescription and non-prescription) can only be administered to a child where written permission for that particular medicine has been given by the child’s parent/carer.

Long-term medication:

For the use of long term medication such as Asthma inhalers or Epipens, we require a long-term medication form which needs to be completed indicating what needs to be administered and when. (There is always a trained person on site to administer Epipens in the event that it is required.)

Sun protection:

Parents must ensure that they apply sun cream before their children arrive at School. It is now possible to purchase sun cream with a 24 hours protection which is also waterproof. In addition we ask parents to provide a sun hat to be kept at School.

Please note that, to protect your child, we unfortunately have to restrict your child to indoor play only during extreme conditions if the above conditions are not adhered to.

Policy reviewed: April 9th 2018