Lost children policy

At Chingford house School we take every care possible to ensure we know where children are at all times. However, should a child go missing, we have the following procedures to carry out:

• On the premises - check all rooms including toilets, office, kitchen and garden.
• On trips and out of the School check immediate vicinity.
• Ring the police on 999.
• Refer to contact numbers on registration form and contact parents/carers.
• If parents/carers cannot be contacted, ring emergency contact number.

Mobile telephone must be carried by staff when leaving premises for trips.

We will inform the relevant people that we will wait at Chingford House School until parents/carers arrive. We will then make a decision about what to do next based on the opinion of the police and parents/carers. We will not leave the premises until we are satisfied that all procedures are in place.

Policy reviewed: April 9th 2019