Exclusion policy

1. Statement of Intent

At Chingford House School we ensure that there are close links with our parents/carers and we strive to work collaboratively together as we understand and appreciate that parents are their children’s First Educators.
The vast majority of parents/carers and others visiting the Nursery school are keen to work with us and are supportive of the Nursery school. However, a negative attitude such as aggression, verbal, and/ or physical abuse displayed by parents/carers or visitors towards Nursery staff will not be tolerated.

In these difficult circumstances the Nursery expects the staff to behave professionally and work towards easing the situation where possible, seeking the involvement as appropriate of other colleagues. All our staff have the right to work without fear of violence and abuse.

2. Behaviour

These are the types of behaviour we consider serious and unacceptable and will not be tolerated.
This is not a complete list but seeks to provide examples of unacceptable behaviour:
• Shouting at nursery staff, either in person or over the telephone, or aggressive or rude text/ email messaging;
• Physically intimidating a member of staff, e.g. standing very close to him/her;
• The use of aggression by another person;
• Hand gestures e.g. two or one fingers raised;
• Shaking or holding a fist towards a member of staff;
• Writing abusive comments about a member of staff
• Pushing;
• Hitting e.g. slapping punching or kicking;
• Spitting;
• Racist or sexist comments.

3. Procedure

When a parent/carer or a member of the public behaves in an unacceptable way towards a member of the Nursery school staff the manager or appropriate senior staff will seek to resolve the situation through discussion and mediation. If necessary, the school’s complaints procedure will be followed. Where all procedures have been exhausted and aggression or intimidation continues, or where there is an extreme act of violence, a parent or carer will be banned by the Owner and/or Manager from the Nursery school premises.

4. Steps to be taken:

a) The parent/carer will be warned in writing that s/he is banned from the premises subject to review, and what will happen if the ban is breached.
b) Where an assault has led to a ban, a statement indicating that the matter has been reported to the London Borough of Walthamstow Forest LADO and the Met police will be included.
c) Where appropriate, arrangements for children being delivered to and collected from the Nursery school entrance will be clarified. A nominated person with parental permission can access the premises to collect and drop off the child.

Policy adopted on June 23rd 2018