Accident/Incident Procedure

At Chingford House School we record all accidents that occur on the premises. We have an accident book which is kept in each of the class rooms. We ask all staff to record what has happened. We ask parents/carers to sign the book and the senior management will also check and sign.

We also have a home/incident book where we record any injuries that we notice when the children come into the nursery or are observed by staff during changing. We will record and ask parents/carers to sign and confirm the nature of the injury.

Two first aid boxes are kept on the premises with appropriate medication for children.

The details required are as follows;

  1. Full name of child
  2. Date of accident
  3. Time of accident
  4. Place of accident
  5. Circumstances of accident
  6. Nature of accident
  7. Treatment given (if any)
  8. Any medical aid sought
  9. Name of person who dealt with the accident
  10. Name of witness
  11. Parent’s Signature
  12. Manager Signature

In the case of a serious accident we will contact the emergency services. We ask for prior agreement from parents/carers. The consent for this is requested on the Pupil registration form.

Policy adopted on October 13th 2015

Policy reviewed on April 9th 2019