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Signs for outside learning
2 Jun 2014

At Chingford House School our garden is as much a place for learning as our classrooms.  Therefore to enhance our outside learning we've recently purchased a new set of signs to inspire and teach our children, which we've put up in a number of different places.

Fundraising brings new books
2 Jun 2014

With the money made at our recent fundraising events we've purchased a set of new books for the school.  These are on display in the school entrance.  Please do take a look at them before we take them to be used in our classrooms.  Thank you to everyone who contributed towards them.

Hi chi Chingford House!
2 Jun 2014

On Thursday 1st May we introduced Taekwondo to our range of afterschool activities. Our really enthusiastic and smiley teacher quickly had the children punching and kicking in the air in time to the rhythm, which he made slapping together two enormous red gloves. The children also made hi chi sounds, which they loved doing at the top of their voices. They left the lesson with big smiles and raving about the new experience. We're looking forward to seeing how everyone's Taekwondo progresses!

Summer follows Spring
2 Jun 2014

We are continuing to keep our children busy in the garden, removing the spring flowers that have died and preparing for the summer stems.  With all the hard work they're putting in we're sure to see another burst of amazing colour as the new season starts and more fantastic flowers stretch out of the ground.  Its lovely to see so many of the children developing green fingers and caring for our garden.

Nursery French
2 Jun 2014

On Monday afternoons our nursery children are now taking French.  These lessons are a great opportunity for the children to discover aspects of another country and build their confidence about learning a new language.

Caterpillar showcase
2 Jun 2014

We're eargerly awaiting the arrival of caterpillars to our Sunflower Class.  The caterpillars have been very kindly organised by a parent to help our children as they learn about minibeasts.  The children will be monitoring the caterpillars as they transform into butterflies.  Seeing this process in real life helps children to understand and remember how metamorphosis takes place.

School extension
2 Jun 2014

The process of extending our school begins over half term.  A new classroom is being added over the old garage and the main works will be completed over the school summer holidays.

Spring open evening
19 Feb 2014

On Tuesday 25th February from 6-7pm our Spring open evening takes places. We look forward to welcoming prospective pupils and parents, as well as those who already attend, and answering any questions you may have.

Walks in the park
18 Feb 2014

An important part of the education we provide at Chingford House School is taking children to local places of interest, including parks and museums, the swimming pool and fire station. These visits help to build the range of experiences children have and their confidence in different situations.

School garden in bloom
14 Feb 2014

Our primary school children, with gardening teacher Mrs Jill, have brought Spring to Chingford House School. Their hard work planting bulbs has created a wonderful display of primroses, crocuses, daffodils and snowdrops which really do bring a smile to the face as you approach our main entrance.