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Library builds up
13 Jan 2015

We have now arranged our books in the new library and are in the process of investing in more books and are purchasing a number of poetry books.

School Uniform
3 Dec 2014

We ask all children to wear uniform from when they are 3 years old. We supply the uniform and we ask that all uniform is purchased from our School so that the styles are all the same and so looks neater. We believe that uniform brings us together as a School family and brings equality to all our children. It also makes it easier for parents/carers.

Our School Library
3 Dec 2014

We are working on our School Library which will be housed in our new Fawad Hall. Children will be able to borrow books just like any library. We are very excited and can’t wait for it to be completed.

We have invited our Local Community Police to come
20 Oct 2014

A Policewoman will be visiting on the morning of Wednesday 22nd October at 10am to talk to the children about staying safe. We are all looking forward to this.

20 Oct 2014

Our PE teacher has been pleased with the children’s enthusiasm and developing skills. The children in Australia and Europe have been learning hand-eye coordination skills and our Nursery children have PE each Tuesday with their classroom teachers. 

20 Oct 2014

We ask all of our children to wear School uniform from the age of 3 years. We believe that uniform helps to build our School family and at the same time generates pride in our School. We ask parents to purchase the uniform from Chingford House School so that we do not have a variety of styles. Please purchase the uniform from Helen.

New Autumn Term
25 Sep 2014


Parent/Carer Forum
25 Sep 2014

This was held on Tuesday, 23rd September from 7 - 8 p.m.  We have many more parents this term which is fantastic.  The meeting was very productive and many new ideas were discussed which you will hear about shortly.

Nursery Programme
25 Sep 2014

All children have music lessons with Ms Helen and the saxophone on Wednesdays.  Year 1 & 2 have saxophone on Thursdays.  

25 Sep 2014