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Father Christmas will be visiting on Tuesday December 20th at 2.15
1 Dec 2016

Father Christmas will be visiting us on Tuesday December 20th at 2.15 p.m.  Please dress your children ready for a party as it will be party day as well! We ask parents to bring in a ready wrapped present for your child with their name on it. Please bring in small gifts, do not bring in large gifts as they are too difficult for us to handle.

Christmas concerts
1 Nov 2016

We are greatly looking forward to celebrating Christmas with our children and parents. Here are the dates for your diaries:

Autumn celebration
20 Oct 2016

Monday 31st October is a non-uniform day. Children can dress up as pumpkins or wear autumn-coloured clothes. We do not celebrate Hallowe’en because it offends many parents and carers and also because children can be scared of witches. We will hold our Autumn Celebration Assembly during the morning and each class will perform a song and a poem for their friends.

Welcome back and welcome to our new children
22 Sep 2016

Welcome back after our summer break.  We are all rested and enthusiastic about our new term.  It has been great welcoming everyone again and also getting to know our new children and their familiies.

Labelling clothes
22 Sep 2016

Please could you make sure that your children's clothes are labelled.  It is very difficult for us to remember which items belong to each child, especially as children frequently have multiple items of everything!

Opening and closing the front door
22 Sep 2016

We do ask parents and carers not to open the front door for other parents and carers.  This is for security reasons and to ensure that strangers are not let in inadvertently.  Please do not be offended by parents and carers not opening the door to you.  They may know you but not the person standing behind you, for example.  Then please ensure that when you are leaving you close the door firmly behind you.

Summer holidays closing
11 Aug 2016

A reminder that the nursery will be closed from Monday August 22nd to September 2nd inclusive.  We reopen on Monday September 5th,

Pyjama/Nightie Day Thursday June 16th
7 Jun 2016

International Children's Day was last week and we would like to acknowledge this on Thursday June 16th.  It will be Pyjama/Nightie day.  All children are invited to wear their nightwear to school that day!  They can wear their day clothes underneath if they would like to.  

Book donations
7 Jun 2016

Thank you so much for all your generous donations of books for Romanian children.  We sent over 500 books to Romanian children and the organisation was absolutely delighted.  

Leaving Ceremony Wednesday July 20th at 10.00 a.m.
10 May 2016

This will be for the children from Marigolds and Bluebells who will be going to primary school in September 2016. All parents/carers of these children are invited.