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Sports day for Poppies May 15th
26 Apr 2018

Poppies will be holding their sports day on Tuesday May 15th, starting at 9.30 a.m. Parents are welcome to attend, but no other guests as there is not enough room in the garden. If the weather is sunny, please ensure your child has sun cream on, and also a named sunhat.

Christmas concert dates
9 Nov 2017

Christmas Concert Dates: All begin at 9.30am 

Father Christmas comes to visit - Tuesday December 19th
9 Nov 2017

Tuesday 19th December 2017 2.30pm to 4pm

Christmas hamper
9 Nov 2017

We will be holding a raffle for our Christmas hamper which will be drawn before we break up for Christmas. If you would like to donate anything please bring it to Ms Donna in Roses from 1st December. Thank you

children's shoes
9 Nov 2017

Some children’s shoes are very difficult to put on. We do try to encourage the children to be independent and attempt to put their shoes on by themselves. Please would you dress your child in shoes that are easy to put on. It would be very helpful.

Development files - meeting your child's key teacher
9 Nov 2017

We are continually observing your children and noting when goals have been achieved before setting new goals for your child to work towards. Each child has their own specific goals to work towards. We like to meet with parents to discuss their child’s achievements so please speak with your child’s key teacher and arrange a time to meet.

Late picking up children/late fees
26 Oct 2017

Occasionally you are late picking up your child/children.  We do understand that this may be unavoidable from time to time.  However, we do hope that you appreciate that this means we stay longer with your children until you arrive.  This is the reason we charge a late fee and ask you to pay it the same day or the following morning.  We charge £1.00 per minute late fee.

Bonfire Night Fun Friday November 3rd
26 Oct 2017

On Friday November 3rd children can dress up in warm woolly clothes as though they are going to a barbecue party.  We will be having sparklers in the garden.  We will watch the story of Guy Fawkes and sing songs about fireworks and bonfires.  And then pizza for tea!

Autumn Festival Tuesday October 31st
26 Oct 2017

On Tuesday October 31st we will be celebrating harvest and autumn time.  We will be singing autumn songs and reciting autumn poems and finding out about pumpkins and how they were used traditionally.  It will be a fun day and the chlidren are invited to come in to school wearing autumn coloured clothes or dressing up like a pumpkin.

Summer sandals
8 Jun 2017

Please would you dress your children in closed-toed sandals and ensure they are fitting ones. The open-toed sandals and loose sandals are very dangerous and cause numerous injuries. When the children are running in the garden and climbing they easily scrape their toes. Also, other children step on their toes and sometimes they are caught under chairs. Loose fitting shoes also stop children’s physical development as the children’s running is restricted.